3 Best Selling Christening Candles

Over the years, I've come up with plenty of Christening candle designs. Some designs are popular year after year, and admittedly other designs were never ordered and I've had to reluctantly remove them from my website :( . But every year, there are particular candle designs that are chosen repeatedly, and for some families, the same design is chosen for each child in the family which is so special! 

Here are my 3 best selling Christening Candles:

1. 'Wish Upon a Star'

This design is extra meaningful for me as this was one of the very first designs when I first started selling personalised Christening Candles back in 2005. I had started off selling them on eBay then eventually launched my own online store. This was always a popular choice 14 years ago and still is today! 

View "Wish Upon a Star" Christening Candle

2. 'Gentle Wisdom' 

This design is part of my 'Wreath Candle' collection and is relatively new to my website.  It's such a pretty candle with it's dainty, floral wreath and calligraphic font. 

View "Gentle Wisdom" Christening Candle


3. "God is Gracious"

This is another design from my new 'Wreath Candle' collection. Having 2 wreath candle designs out of the 3 most popular designs says some good things about this new collection. There's also the option to have a photo in the middle of the wreath instead of the calligraphic text. 

View "God is Gracious' Christening Candle

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