Customer support

How much are your personalised photo candles?

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Personalised photo candles:
All personalised photo candles are $60 each. This includes the name, photo, date and venue on the front AND wording of your choice on the back. This is all included in the one price and does not incur any additional fee (except for delivery).

Personalised taper candles:
Personalised Taper candles are $10 each, and this includes the name, occasion date and godparents/sponsors/guardians/grandparents or parent's name.

Personalised photo wedding candles:
A single personalised photo wedding candle is $85.
This includes names, photo, date and venue on the front AND wording of your choice on the back. This is all included in the one price and does not incur any additional fee (except for delivery).

A personalised photo wedding unity candle sets are $220 each (A set of 3 candles)
This includes 3 pillar candles with names, photo, date and venue on the front AND wording of your choice on the back. This is all included in the one price and does not incur any additional fee (except for delivery).

How long will it take for my personalised photo candle to be delivered?

Candle orders within Australia:

A minimum of 7 days is required from when I receive your candle details and photo, to complete and deliver your order.

I try my best to send out your personalised candle in time for you to receive it by the date of your occasion, whether it be for standard or urgent orders. However, I take no responsibility for any delays caused by the shipment provider.

Australian delivery times:

Standard orders are usually completed and sent within 2 weeks
Urgent orders are completed and sent within 2-3 days

Wedding candles:

Standard orders are usually completed and sent within 4 weeks
Urgent orders are completed and sent within 2 weeks

Overseas delivery times:

Standard orders are sent within 4 weeks Economy Air

What is an urgent order?

** Australian shipping addresses only **

Do you need your order urgently?

My usual production time is 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of orders I have at the time. Placing an urgent order bumps your order to the top, which means your order will be completed within 3 days after I receive your candle details. 

Urgent order time frame applies to production time only. I will do my best to make sure you receive your order in time. 

Whereabouts do you deliver?

My personalised candles are delivered to Australia, New Zealand, UK, North America and Canada.

$15 (NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT)
$22 (WA, SA, NT, TAS)

$35 via Economy Air International shipping (NZ)
$40 via Economy Air International shipping (USA & UK)

Can I pick up my order?

I'm based in Menai, NSW. You're more than welcome to pick up your order by selecting "Pickup from Menai" when you check out your order.

What is the quality of the candles?

Our candles are Australian-made from fully refined food grade paraffin wax. They have superior long burning quality and have a white, smooth shiny finish.

How do you package my personalised candle for delivery?

I take every care to make sure that you receive your personalised candle in the exact condition as I sent it. Your personalised candle is wrapped in bubble wrap, cushioned in newspaper and sent in a securely taped durable mailing box which is then marked "FRAGILE". I accept no responsibility for any poor handling which may cause damage to your personalised candle while in transit.

How do I send you a photo?

Please read the following tips to ensure that your photo appears at its best on your candle.

  1. Please email your photo to
    I usually crop the photo around the head and shoulders (unless requested otherwise). Therefore it is the size of these within the image/photo that matters, not the size of the image/photo as a whole.
  2. The larger the image the better the quality will be, as I can reduce images that are too large. However, images that are too small will print at poor quality when enlarged to the required size.
  3. Please note that this refers to the original image/photo. Using computer software to increase the size of an image/photo will still result in poor quality.
  4. The head and shoulders within a hard copy photo sent by post/mail should be approximately 5cm x 5cm in size (2" x 2").
  5. If you are scanning an original photo please ensure that it is scanned at a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The size of the original photo should still be as described above.
  6. If using a digital camera you must use the largest image size that your camera will allow and if possible zoom in on the head and shoulders of the subject.

Does it cost extra to have wording at the back?

No, the cost of $60 for your personalised candle includes the photo on the front with the name and date/venue of occasion, and a poem or prayer with godparent's names printed on the back of the candle. 

How do I put my own wording on my personalised candle?

You can request your own prayer or poem to appear on the back of your chosen candle. Simply email your wording

Can I order a personalised candle for First Holy Communion or Confirmation?

A candle is a beautiful and meaningful way to commemorate other sacraments such as First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Choose any design from my range of Candles and it will be customised according to the Sacrament you need it for.